Ultimate Fitness Guide

Ultimate Fitness Guide

We understand that at this part of the year you may find it hard to get enough motivation to start with your New Year’s resolution and spend more time at the gym. But do‘t worry cause you’re not the only one.  It will definitely take some time for anyone to get used to his new fitness regimen, but believe us our tips will help you to look forward to every workout you’re going to have. Small changes in your life will make a big difference. This is our Faith=ness guide for you:

1. Make a clear goal

 If you have only general goals about losing weight you might not keep your resolutions. If you are carried out with all of that new year’s stuff, and you became a member of a new gym across your place of buy a new fitness shoes, but after a few months you find yourself again at your couch doing the same old habits, It won’t do you good. So focus on making smaller goals! For example make a goal for the month, or for the week, and these goals can be like eating more vegetable, walking 30 minutes every day of a week or drinking more water. This should definitely help.Natural-Weight-Loss-Tools-300x225

2. Accountability

 In order to hold yourself accountable you should tell your goals to your friends. Yes, it is the truth that you are the only one who can force yourself to do workout early I the morning before going to work, but having friends who are fit will ease your struggle. For example you can set up a weekly walk with your friends or neighbors.

3. Always track your progress

Start with creating a food journal and put in all the kinds of food you are eating. Also there are a lot of apps on the internet to download and make your life easier. You need to eat healthy, not poor especially while you work out. You should also keep the amount of calories appropriate for your weight. A great app that can help you is’’myfitnesspall’’ which will help you to calculate the amount appropriate for your body and your goals and help you keep it on your daily limit.running-on-holida-gear-checllist-brand_large

4. Best ways to get in shape

Now that you have planned all your fitness goals for the year, it is time to get moving! Healthy food and popular apps will be of no help if you don’t start working out. You should think of the last time when you tried to work out, and what was good for you then, and of course what was not. Some top ways for the best shape will definitely be helpful:

- exercise daily – try something new – clean up your diet – always be prepared – get enough sleep

- don’t make fitness a fad – go on a follow spree – lift weights – set alarms

Remember that getting in shape can be a long road and a process that needs some time, so don’t lose faith if you can’t see results over night. Give your routine a month and if after a month you don’t see results, change it. If you see them, just keep on going. Also you can visit Top 5 workout equipment for best equipment and Top 5 outdoor workout equipment